Qualia Attendance Policy for Individual Therapy Services

At Qualia we value your time, your child’s time and our therapists’ time. When you book in for the term, we develop a therapy program and allocate our therapist’s timetables to maximise outcomes for children. We reserve this time each week for your child and cannot offer this time to another child.

Should you be concerned about your child attending their therapy session due to illness or other reasons, please contact the Qualia administration team before the scheduled time to convert the reserved session time to one of the following:

  • an online therapy session 
  • an online parent consultation 
  • a rescheduled session at an alternative time within your therapist’s schedule within one week of your regular appointment, where possible.
  • the development of a home or school clinical resource, or progress summary for your child so that you can continue therapy that week.

If we have not heard from you and had an agreed reschedule option by the time of the appointment, your session will automatically convert to a home clinical resource option. If you reschedule to another day, please note that the invoice for the session will still be processed on the original scheduled day.

Please note: if a child cannot make their therapy session at school, or if they are attending a school event at that time, it is the parent or carer’s responsibility, not the school or educator’s responsibility, to inform Qualia. In-school sessions can be rescheduled to a double session the following week (if available) or an in-clinic session, pending your therapist’s availability.

Qualia will auto-bill for services each week on the day of the session.  If your therapist is unwell, we will endeavour to find an alternative solution for therapy for your child that week from the options above. Please note you will not be charged though if we are unable to find a suitable solution. We are delighted when children achieve their goals and you can still discontinue the block of therapy at any time, with one week’s notice. 

Therapy is most effective when it occurs in a consistent, ongoing manner and this policy helps us to ensure that your child has access to therapy each week.

Questions and Answers

My child is seen at school. If there is an in-school event such as an incursion, do I need to let Qualia know? 

Yes. While therapists at Qualia will do our best to follow a school’s timetable and schedule, we may not always be aware of your child’s school commitments. It is essential that you let Qualia know on 9555 9776 or info@qualiatherapy.com.au in advance so that an alternative arrangement can be made for that week’s session.

My child is booked in for 10 sessions in term 4. If I am away on a holiday in week 3, and let you know, will I be charged that week?

Yes, a charge will still apply for that week as the time has been reserved for your child and cannot be offered to another child in your place. When you notify the clinic and/or your therapist about this absence, they will work with you to find an alternative arrangement for the missed session. This alternative could be an online session for your child at a different day or time, a parent consult, or a home or school clinical resource to help support your child’s therapy goals.

What happens if my child is booked in for 10 sessions but we decide we no longer need therapy halfway through the term? 

If your child has achieved their goals, you are happy with their progress, or your plans/priorities change, you are able to finish up therapy at any time. We just ask that you provide us with one week’s notice so that your therapist can plan accordingly and provide you with a progress summary at the conclusion of your block of therapy. Please note we are unable to hold therapy spots so you would be discharged from the service, or you can be placed on the waiting list for therapy at a later date.

If my child is sick when they wake up and they are unable to attend a session that day, will I have to pay for the session? 

Yes, a charge will still apply for this session. Qualia has a strong stance on cancellations to ensure that the children we work with are getting access to ongoing and regular therapy. If your child is too unwell for their regularly scheduled session, we can offer alternatives to ensure that parents are not charged for something they are not receiving, such as an online appointment, a rescheduled session, or a home or school clinical resource.

What happens if my child’s therapist is sick? 

On the rare occasion that your child’s therapist is unable to provide your child with their therapy session, we will give you as much notice as we can. You will not be charged for this session, and we will do our absolute best to offer you a make up session or an alternative option so your child does not miss out.

I have booked my child in for a term time group? Does the Attendance Policy apply to groups?

No, we have implemented the new attendance policy for individual therapy sessions only. For Qualia’s term time groups, full payment is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
We ask that you please advise us if your child will be absent from a group session so that we can alert the lead therapist and also discuss any alternative options that might be available to you where possible.