Welcome to Qualia Occupational Therapy for Children. Thank you for choosing us to support your child. 

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational therapy is the therapy of ‘occupations’ or everyday ‘jobs’ that children do to bring purpose and meaning to their lives, such as learning, participating in the classroom, staying regulated throughout the day or maintaining friendships.

At Qualia, we frequently receive referrals for:

  • School & Classroom participation (cognitive strategy use, attention, concentration, recall or memory skills, confidence, organisation, following instructions, self-regulation, sensory processing, social skills in the classroom and playground, communication, handwriting, pencil grasp and organised writing)
  • Home and community participation (homework completion, morning routines, dressing, self-care and toilet training, and eating).

All occupational therapists at Qualia have completed a university degree and further training in paediatrics.

Working With Qualia

Once we have found a regular appointment, you will receive this information pack and your child’s client intake form. Completing this intake form is essential to make sure we can understand your priorities and areas of concern before you come in. Once we receive your intake form, we will call you if we have any questions.

The First Appointment: Initial Consultation / Assessment

Your child’s first appointment will be a full assessment or an initial consultation depending on your request and if on-going therapy has been requested.

Initial consultation: The 40-minute initial consultation is to start a block of therapy at Qualia. This consultation focuses on goal identification and setting, task analysis and intervention planning. You receive a brief letter outlining the goals for therapy within a week of the appointment. A consult is preferred if you know which tasks you would like to work on in therapy.

Assessment: A full assessment takes place either in one 80 minute session or over two 40 minute sessions. It focuses on goal identification and setting, task analysis and intervention planning, and further evaluation of reasons for your challenges. This option includes standardised measures that your child’s therapist chose based on their initial task analysis. You receive a comprehensive written report within three weeks. An assessment is preferred if you would like support with many tasks and a lengthier written evaluation or are only receiving an assessment from Qualia.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the first appointment. If you cannot attend, your child’s therapist will contact you the same day to discuss their evaluation. Your child’s therapist will also speak with any educators or other health professionals assisting your child with your permission.

Before the appointment, please discuss what they would like to work towards or want to find more accessible with your child. While your child’s therapist will guide this goal setting, it is beneficial for them to have some preparation. Ensure they bring any equipment they would typically use, such as glasses.  Ask your child if they find anything especially tricky at school or if they would like to find anything more manageable in the classroom or at school. A social story is attached to our initial email to support your child attending Qualia.


Once you have confirmed your child’s block of therapy, Qualia reserves a therapy time each week to ensure we can provide services at a time that works for you and your child. An individualised program targets your child’s goals based on the areas prioritised by you and your child. Intervention is scheduled weekly and aligns with the school term.

All therapy sessions include written documentation outlining progress towards your child’s goals, intervention used and specific recommendations.

Qualia provides therapy within a limited number of Sydney schools. If your child attends therapy at school, your child’s therapist will also contact you once per term to discuss their progress.

Your child’s therapist will also speak with any educators or other health professionals assisting your child with your permission.

Please note we reserve sessions on a term-by-term basis. Near the end of each term, your therapist will discuss your child’s progress and decide, collaboratively with you, if additional sessions in the following school term would benefit your child.

Groups and Holiday Workshops

Qualia offers a range of groups during the school term and workshops during school holidays. For information about current groups, please see our website.

All groups support your child with goals in a small social environment. Before commencing a group, you will complete an intake form to identify your child’s goals, priorities, and background information to support group participation. The group therapists also conduct brief screening in the first group session to determine each participant’s strengths and individualised areas to prioritise. Group therapists provide generalised verbal feedback each session and a summary letter after the group or workshop concludes.

Parents are not required to remain at the clinic or the off-site location for groups. Parents return 5 minutes before the end of the group for feedback.

Please have your child wear comfortable clothing to participate in the activities. Ensure they are wearing suncream and a hat. In the holiday workshops, we will take a short snack break. Please pack a snack and water bottle. Snack rules are consistent with NSW schools (please do not pack nuts).


Fee Schedule and Funding for Occupational Therapy [from 30th January 2023]

Initial appointment:

  • Initial Consultation: $345 includes goal setting, task analysis and a letter outlining goals
  • Initial Full Assessment: $850 includes extended face-to-face time, goal setting, task analysis, standardised measures, a comprehensive report outlining assessment findings
  • HSC Assessment: $850 (includes extended face-to-face time, consultation with learning support, standardised assessments and a full comprehensive report for application to BOSTES).


  • 1:1 Intervention sessions (in-person or online) (40 minutes plus admin): $225
  • 1:1 Extended intervention sessions (1 hour): $260
  • Term groups: $782 per term (10 sessions)
  • School holiday workshops: $550


  • NDIS Review and report: $360
  • Client-requested letters: $225
  • Meeting: $287.50 per hour
  • Standardised measures: $225 includes interpretation and a comprehensive report. (Full assessments do not require further standardised measures)

Payment for therapy occurs automatically on the same day of service. We require payment via a stored credit card for all initial appointments and interventions. Qualia securely holds all credit card information encrypted in our Practice Management Software. Once the payment is processed, Qualia issues an electronic receipt for private health insurance, depending on your level of cover. Please call your health fund to discuss this.

Qualia is also able to process Medicare rebates on your behalf. Medicare refund directly into your bank account. Your General Practitioner may be able to provide you with a care plan issuing Medicare rebates. There are three types of care plans we frequently accept at Qualia, including:

  • The Chronic and Complex Plan (previously Enhanced Primary Care Plan): 5 sessions/year.
  • Better Access to Mental Health / Focused Psychological Services: 10 sessions/year with a GP review at session 4 and 10 group sessions/year (with accredited therapists only).
  • Helping Children with Autism Plan: 4 assessment sessions and 20 individual sessions within a child’s lifetime.

Please note that Medicare covered sessions are a rebate. The total cost of therapy is not refunded unless you have reached the Medicare Safety Net. For further eligibility information, speak with your general practitioner.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): The NDIS allows children and teenagers with developmental difficulties or disabilities to access occupational therapy. To find out if your child is eligible to receive occupational therapy under the NDIS, please contact 1800 800 110 or visit www.ndis.gov.au.

Qualia Policies and Feedback

Qualia’s Privacy Policy Summary

Qualia Occupational Therapy for Children adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act and confidentiality and privacy guidelines from the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA).

Qualia collects the information needed to provide you with the highest quality service. This information is collected directly from you and with your permission from third parties such as your paediatrician, class teacher or school counsellor.

Qualia is committed to ensuring that your personal information is kept secure. Only Qualia therapists and administrators can access your clinical records, and all staff adhere to strict professional codes of conduct relating to confidentiality. Qualia holds information about your child in a secure clinical file on a practice management platform called Halaxy. Qualia does not store any paper records. Any information received in paper form is immediately scanned and uploaded to Halaxy before being shredded.

Qualia is committed to adhering to these principles for online therapy and engages in a continual clinic comprehensive risk mitigation process. However, using an online video conference platform does open up additional risks compared to face-to-face intervention, and Qualia assumes your consent for therapy via this platform when you agree to online treatment. Qualia is taking extra security measures such as adding security features to online therapy sessions and exclusively using a secure practice management software platform for all clinical documentation and confidential information (Halaxy). However, Qualia cannot guarantee the total prevention of security breaches. Qualia encourages parents to stay close to their child while engaging in online therapy sessions. If you would like to discuss something confidential or sensitive matter, you are encouraged to contact the therapist via phone rather than during the online therapy session.

Parents are welcome to request information stored by Qualia about their child. Requests for information should be made in writing to one of the directors of the clinic, Avalon Nixon or Sophie-Anna Barling by emailing info@qualiatherapy.com.au.

There are circumstances in which Qualia will disclose information about a child. Situations include the event of a court order, child protection matter or a legal matter. Qualia complies with the mandatory reporting requirements.

To view our full privacy policy, please click here. If you have any concerns or require further information, please contact our clinic administration team on 9555 9776 or email info@qualiatherapy.com.au.

Qualia Attendance Policy

At Qualia we value your time, your child’s time and our therapists’ time. When you book in for the term, we develop a therapy program and allocate our therapist’s timetables to maximise outcomes for children. We reserve this time each week for your child and cannot offer this time to another child.

Should you be concerned about your child attending their therapy session due to illness or other reasons, please contact the Qualia administration team before the scheduled time to convert the reserved session time to one of the following:

  • an online therapy session
  • an online parent consultation
  • a rescheduled session at an alternative time within your therapist’s schedule within one week of your regular appointment, where possible.
  • the development of a home or school clinical resource, or progress summary for your child so that you can continue therapy that week.

If we have not heard from you and had an agreed reschedule option by the time of the appointment, your session will automatically convert to a home clinical resource option. Please note: if a child cannot make their therapy session at school, it is the parent or carer’s responsibility, not the school or educator’s responsibility, to inform Qualia.

Qualia will auto-bill for services each week. You will not be charged if your therapist is unwell. We are delighted when children achieve their goals and you can still discontinue the block of therapy at any time, with one week’s notice.

Therapy is most effective when it occurs in a consistent, ongoing manner and this policy helps us to ensure that your child has access to therapy each week.


In working with Qualia, we welcome you to pop in, give us a call or email info@qualiatherapy.com.au if you have feedback about your experience with us. We are committed to ensuring we provide the best service possible to the children and families we have the privilege to support. Your input is invaluable.

Thank you for choosing Qualia to meet your child’s occupational therapy needs. If we can be of assistance at any time, or if you have any concerns, questions or feedback, we will welcome your call or email.