Occupational Therapy Online Services


For a while now, Qualia has been exploring the delivery of occupational therapy services via an online platform. With COVID-19 changing the way many businesses are operating, we have made the move to online therapy. We feel really excited about this offering and feel it is really suited to our profession and service. A large part of occupational therapy is about considering a person’s natural environment and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to work with children and their families in their homes, virtually. We also love to brainstorm resources and tools to assist in developing children’s capacities that are everyday household items – and there has never been a better time to be thinking like this! 


What does an online therapy session look like?

An online session runs very similarly to a face to face therapy session. Your therapist would discuss goals for the session with you and your child, and conduct the session as per usual with instructions delivered via the online platform. If you are new to occupational therapy, you and your child’s first session will be an initial consult or assessment. As with face to face sessions, all individual therapy sessions are unique, and the session will look different depending on the goals that your child is working on. We ask that you are involved in the session to get the best outcomes. Time at the end will be reserved for discussing strategies and ideas for continuing to work on the goals at home, offline.  

My child is currently having therapy at Qualia. Would we continue to work on the same goals?

This is entirely up to you. Your therapist would discuss with you the goals you and your child have chosen to work on and whether you might like to modify or reframe any goals for online services. Some families might choose to change their goals to take the opportunity to focus more on home based tasks, and others may choose to continue to address goals that support school or preschool participation. This decision will be made collaboratively with you and your child. 

My child has not had OT before, but we are struggling to manage home based learning. Is OT for us?

Absolutely. Occupational therapists are trained to help dissolve the space between your child’s performance and their potential. We are trained to work with families to identify different barriers, limitations and opportunities for growth to support your child with tasks that are important to them (and you). With just a few sessions, we can help you and your child set up their home based learning. 

What platform would I need to use?

Qualia will be using Zoom as an online platform to deliver therapy sessions. Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing. Zoom also allows the therapist to share their screen to share resources with your child. Most importantly, Zoom is a secure platform, ensuring security of your information and confidentiality. You are not required to create an account, but will need to download the software for your first meeting. You will need a laptop, tablet or even a phone with a camera and microphone. 

Would I need to do anything to prepare?

You will receive an email before the session that will give you an outline of the session and may ask you to think about some household items that your therapist can use in the therapy session. However, you do not need anything specific – our therapists are adaptable and ready to improvise! This is what occupational therapy is all about and we feel excited about the opportunity to see your child in their own environment to help them with their goals. You will probably find that your child will be more engaged if distractions around the home are reduced. Please think about turning off TV, minimising disruptions from siblings or pets and where you set your child up for their session. However, your therapist will be ready to work flexibly with you, as distractions are, after all, a normal part of life!

What if we experience technical issues and is it secure?

Qualia therapists will be offering a 5 minute trial with all families who decide to proceed with online therapy sessions. If you are interested, it will take place one-two days before the therapy session and will be used to explore any technical difficulties. Instructions on how to join the online session will be sent and will include some tips. While we cannot guarantee there will be no issues, we will do everything we can to ensure your child can access therapy in a seamless way. Becci our clinic manager will be available over the phone (9555 9776) to help you if you need it. Zoom is a secure platform so we feel confident using this for therapy. To ensure your confidentiality, therapists will also hold Zoom calls in private rooms. For confidentiality reasons, we request that you don’t screen record the therapy session. However, should you wish to record a section of the session to reference later, we ask that you let your therapist know. Your therapist may also ask you to record a part of the session so you can later reference. 

How much does it cost? 

We are offering a 40 minute online therapy session for $132. This includes at least 30 minutes of face to face therapy time, plus approx 5 minutes to feedback to you at the end, and a few minutes to ensure you are able to join the meeting and work out any connectivity issues before starting. Your therapist will send through an email with a summary and ideas at the conclusion of the session. Should you wish to schedule a second therapy session a week, this will be $105. Initial consults and assessments are aligned with face to face fees to reflect the clinical reasoning time, report and letter writing associated with these appointments and can be found on our fee page. 

Not sure it is for you?

To ensure your child is still working towards achieving their goals, and continues learning, your therapist is also able to create a home program with tools and materials to continue working on at home. An individualised home program is $120. We are also offering a range of groups – please check out our facebook and instagram pages for latest updates. 

Therapy resource packs

Qualia will also be offering therapy resource packs that can be mailed to you, to assist with increasing your access to tools for therapy or a home program. Therapy resource packs are $29 including shipping. If you are interested, please speak with your therapist. Items from Qualia shop will also be available to be posted. 

If you have any questions about online services, please speak with your therapist or our clinic manager Becci on 9555 9776.